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2010-03-17 digital edition
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Columns March 17, 2010  RSS feed

Nantucket is powering up with solar
     Free energy from the sun is streaming down on Nantucket every single day, even on cloudy, foggy days when the island earns its title, “The Grey Lady.”
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The Significant Others — Part II
     A s noted last week, the three-year-old affiliation agreement
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A Woodpecker with Only Three Toes!
      This bird was high on my “most-wanted” list right from the beginning. You only have to look at the woodpecker pictures in your bird book to know that most woodpeckers have red on the head, at least the males. But there are two that have striking yellow patches on their heads. Is that cool or what?
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Celtic Canines
     On March 17, everyone is a little bit Irish. I actually have a legitimate claim to my wearing of the green since my maternal ancestors were Scotch-Irish, an interesting ethnic group of Scots and Englishmen, transplanted into Ireland, who immigrated in the thousands during the mid-1700s to this country’s upland south, the upper part of our southern states.
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Grilled Cheese Invitational Winners
     This past Saturday was the second annual Grilled Cheese Invitational at Bartlett's Farm. The weather outside was blustery, but the Hayloft was warm and cozy with a big crowd, and lots of cooking! There were so many contestants this year that the competition was divided into two rounds of cooking: Amateurs and professionals.
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Identify This
      The Nantucket Historical Association houses the most complete visual record of Nantucket history in existence. The image here is from our collections and may be one we cannot identify, wish for more information about, or just want to see if people can identify. Many more images are available for viewing and identification at
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