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2010-03-31 digital edition
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On Nitrogen, Musicals and Hook-Ups
     With the best of intentions, Nantucket’s Harbor Plan Implementation Committee determined to address the lawn fertilizer issue head on. For those not in the know, the issue is that the runoff of quick release commercial fertilizers is responsible for helping to overload of the island’s harbor waters with nitrogen and phosphorus.
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“Phoenician” Reds
     A s Nantucketers know, there is “Nantucket Red” and there are other “reds.” The Greeks knew that the special red dye they used for their state robes came from Tyre in Phoenicia.
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Pets and Weddings
     It was not exactly the most personal of wedding invitations. In fact, it was not personal at all. A notice in a Fort Myers, Fla. newspaper caught my eye because of its headline, “All Dog Wedding to be held on Sanibel Causeway.” Seems that the bride and groom, who own M&M Grooming and Training in Ft.
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The Joy of Birds
     B irds are one of nature’s loveliest creations, with plumage in all colors of the rainbow and sweet songs that lift the human spirit. Many people already know that setting up feeders, birdhouses and bird baths in their yard draws these gentle creatures near to watch and for the pleasure of their twitters and tweets.
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A Pair of Pear Recipes
     Great chefs are making tasty meals with pears and the creativity is limitless. This simple fruit is right under our noses as we roam the produce aisle, but we are not likely to glance at a pear and imagine it as the crescendo of a gourmet meal. It is time to take a fresh approach to the unique flavor of pears and try something new.
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