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2010-04-07 digital edition
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Renting your home while staying in the black
      Spring is all around us. The Peeper Philharmonic is tuned up and well into its nightly schedule. Birds are calling to each other for dates and making nesting plans. Nantucket’s personal supply of fog just offshore is blasting wisps across the island. Tourists on bicycles and the island waking up from winter are all hints of the sunny warm days that lie ahead.
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Global Pet Expo
      T he banquet hall was enormous, with row upon row of round white-clothed tables set for groups of 10. The china, glasses and silverware glittered under enormous sparkly and elaborately draped chandeliers.
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Flipping a Switch in a Bird Brain
     T his is all about switches, mental ones that is. What is it that makes you think of something? Bird brains are not known to be huge, yet they’re very good at managing avian life.
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“Hey Cuz”
     I was out in the backyard this afternoon taking
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Terrific Tiny Tomatoes
     A friend recently introduced me to grape tomatoes. Wow, what a surprise! Grape tomatoes are less acidic than most tomatoes. These little red ovalshaped gems are sweeter and smaller than cherry tomatoes. Grape tomatoes are nearly seedless so the taste and texture is very grape-like. Less water within the grape tomato also means they last longer.
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      The Nantucket Historical Association houses the most complete visual record of Nantucket history in existence. The image here is from our collections and may be one we cannot identify, wish for more information about, or just want to see if people can identify. Many more images are available for viewing and identification at
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